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Welcome To ManualLawnAerators.com

Welcome! If you have found your way here today you are interested in having the best lawn possible. We don’t blame you. There is something about having a polished yard that feels really good. Besides mowing and watering your lawn though, how can you go further in preparing your yard? 

A manual lawn aerator is a great way to go above basic lawn care and give your lawn the boost it needs to grow into a luscious yard.  Don’t know what a manual aerator is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.


What Is A Manual Lawn Aerator?

Grass roots grow deeper into the ground as the grass ages and after a certain point, the roots are no longer able to breathe. An aerator helps to poke holes into the ground so that the grass can start to breathe. Built-up carbon monoxide that is trapped under the surface is released up so that clean air can go back down into the ground. Along with that air, water and nutrients are brought down to the roots.

Some rumors have sprouted around the internet that aerators will help to prevent weeds. Unfortunately, weeds will not be prevented by aerators. You will still have to continue to weed.


When To Aerate Your Lawn

The time to aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass you have. In terms of aeration, the grass is sorted into two categories: cold season grass and warm season grass. For cold season grass, you will want to perform aeration in early fall as the weather starts to change. You want to time the grass to be prepared to grow right as its ideal growth season starts.

Warm season grass should be aerated right at the start of summer or just before that. You want to time it to just when the temperature starts to warm up.


Different Types Of Manual Aerators

There are several different types of manual aerators. Each type has its own advantages. At Manual Lawn Aerators, we offer three different types of aerators.


Manual Aeration Shoes

These manual aerators strap to your shoes and aerate your lawn as you walk across it. There is no need to push anything or use any sort of tools with your hands. Aeration shoes offer the benefit of being easy to use but they can’t penetrate as deeply as other options. The price range for manual aeration shoes goes anywhere from $15 up depending on where you buy them from and what quality you are looking to purchase.


Coring Lawn Aerators

A coring lawn aerator is a type of aerator that digs several holes into the ground at one time. The prongs that dig the holes have a hollow inside and can extract chunks of soil at one time. By removing a chunk of dirt

at one time you are left with a bigger hole for the grass to retrieve nutrients and breathe through. Most of these tools are double sided bars that you step on to drive them into the ground. Most professionals consider these the most effective of lawn aerators but they tend to need a bit more work to operate. 


Plug Aerators

The last type of aerator is the plug aerator. With these types of aerators, you have the option of buying one with or without hollow plugs. The plugs are mounted on a spindle which is in turn placed on wheels. As you push the aerator it spins the plugs, aerating the lawn as you go. You will find that these might be the most convenient, but they can also be some of the most expensive aerators. They are also the biggest.



While not a miracle cure for your lawn, manual lawn aeration can be just what your lawn needs in order to grow to its fullest potential. You are bound to see your lawn grow to a more healthy quality and grow quicker with the help of aeration.